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Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs provides support to the nineteen academic departments at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) in the achievement of our educational and strategic goals.  Our mission is to facilitate the success of our academic departments and the professional development of our faculty.  The office also provides administrative support to the academic departments. 

The office works closely with the academic department chairs and staff members, as well as with various constituencies from across the campus to achieve its mission, including the Provost, the Committee of Department Chairs, University Advancement, Administrative Services, Human Resource Services, Admissions and Enrollment Management, the Faculty Senate, and Student Life. Responsibilities of the office range from curricular issues (ABET and other assessment practices, as well as review of new degree programs) to faculty matters (recruiting, mentoring and retention). Additional functions of the office include participating in strategic planning for the university and facilitating comprehensive relationships with our corporate partners by working with University Advancement, the Corporate Development Council and the Provost’s Advisory Board. The office is also responsible for administration of 3rd year review for tenure track faculty members, promotion and tenure processes, and award nominations.  The office is currently working with faculty members and the chairs of civil and electrical engineering to develop a cooperative engineering program with Missouri State University.

The office provides administrative support to the academic departments in the areas of personnel matters, budget, fiscal review and grant monitoring. The office also works with the Provost and other constituencies noted to develop and update campus policies.

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     Dr. Philip Whitefield
     Interim Vice Provost
     (573) 341-7887 

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